Glam Slam: A Tale Of Two Mommies

I see pictures of Posh and it’s hard to believe she’s a mom of three because she ALWAYS looks absolutely perfect. Always. I mean, where are the food stains on her clothes courtesy of her kids? Where are the chipped nails? Where is the dirty, messy hair? There is never so much as a single hair out of place. Utter “Posh” perfection.

And then there is the flip side: Jennifer Garner. While she looks gorgeous and glamorous on the red carpet, most of the time we see her as a typical mom to daughters Violet and Seraphina. She is at soccer games, the park, and running everyday errands with her kids. And she has a real mom wardrobe: jeans, sneakers and sweats.

Is there a real mom out there as perfect as Posh? I thought about that after recently meeting with two moms in two days.

First, I met with the mom of one of my daughter’s little friends, a cute boy who was born exactly one day after my daughter. We met at Starbucks in Burbank, California after work one day, something I rarely get to do! Mom A, whom I’ll call Sara, is naturally pretty, model tall, really friendly and approachable. She has a very creative job as an art director type and although I don’t understand exactly what she does, it sounds fun and involves traveling to exotic places like China.

We chatted over Gingerbread Lattes and talked about the things I’m sure all moms do… what our children are up to, fun things to do with them around town, childcare issues. Both of us work full-time and talked about trying to find time to spend with our family. We also commiserated about how we both needed mani/pedis!

The very next day, I had a coffee date with another mommy friend of mine, who was in town. I’ve known her for years, long before either of us had kids and now we each have one child… she has a little boy about a year older than my daughter. The meeting was work-related, but of course, we talked about our kids!

This took place at the swank, members-only club, Soho House near Beverly Hills, worlds away from Starbucks in Burbank. As I waited in reception for her to arrive, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and her group of friends passed by me heading to the valet.

This mom, whom I’ll call Denise, arrives and looks immaculate. Just like Mom A, Mom B is also gorgeous and model tall. In fact, she once WAS a model. She is a high-powered PR exec. She is bi-coastal with offices and homes in New York and Los Angeles. She is married to a celebrity.

On paper, her lifestyle seems very glamorous and could inspire jealousy and envy… you know, the woman you want to hate! In person, she couldn’t be more nice, friendly and down-to-earth. I complimented her nails… which were perfect. She said that was the one thing she really works to keep groomed. Not to mention that her hair and eyebrows were perfect too.

She’s dressed very “New York” wearing a pencil skirt, heels and carrying a Hermes Birkin bag. Granted, she was taking meetings all day, but she looked so polished I couldn’t help but think of a totally together mom like Victoria Beckham. Especially next to me in my full tilt “California casual” wardrobe of striped tee and cargo pants! She inspires me to dress up more, but I must confess - I still haven’t gotten it together enough to get dressed up!

Our lives may be worlds apart, but we have much in common as we talk about busy work schedules (obviously, her schedule is way crazier than mine is!)… what our kids are up to… where our kids will go to preschool, etc.

Maybe we all have the mom on our block who is “Posh” perfection, the one who juggles a million balls in the air and never looks the slightest bit schlumpy. I bet most of us are not quite that put together. But the bottom line is that no matter which category we fall in, we all have one thing that connects us. We are moms. Busy, loving moms.

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