Glam Slam: Accessories Are A Pregnant Girl’s Best Friend

Duchess Kate is a master at using accessories to elevate her look, which she has continued to do during her pregnancy. While most of us don’t have to look as pulled together as she does at her posh British appearances, accessories are key for anyone and especially moms-to-be.

Bags. Hats. Scarves. Jewelry. Shoes. Oh yes, don’t’ forget the shoes. It’s no accident that nearly all my wardrobe purchases for the year have been accessories — not clothes. When you’re pregnant, finding clothes that fit becomes an issue. So you concentrate instead on the stuff where size isn’t an issue! Hello accessories!

Swapping out accessories can change up a simple maternity dress many ways, so you don’t have to spend a fortune buying clothes you may never wear again.

A NECKLACE or SCARF is a great way to update your look, affordably and stylishly without a whole lot of effort. I just bought a great global print scarf in the H & M men’s department- for $9.95! The Forever 21 jewelry section is an instant mood lifter. There are so many options at dirt cheap prices. This is where you can have fun and go super trendy.

SHOES are my weakness though. I’ve bought seven pairs of shoes this year- all sandals, BTW. Sandals are the only thing that feet my swollen feet….so far, that is. One-size-fits-all purses are another stress-free way to inject style into an outfit.

I’ve been obsessed with my Karen Walker SUNGLASSES for a year now, wearing them constantly. “Private Practice” star Kate Walsh even came up to me at a luncheon and asked who my glasses were by and where she could get them. Lately, they’ve really come in handy. Not only are they stylish, they are a life saver at helping to hide dark circles from lack of sleep. Everywhere from Target to Claire’s sells cute shades…so you can either go cheap or make an investment purchase and you will look great either way.

And while I’ll never have a place or the occasion to wear a chic fascinator like Kate Middleton, a HAT does do wonders for hiding hair that gets beat up by pregnancy hormones. That and the fact that it sort of visually helps balance out the extra weight around your middle!

-- Ryan Patterson

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