Glam Slam: All I Want For Christmas Is…

“My two front teeth,” laughs Kelly Ripa, when we asked her to finish that line. “I’d like them to be smaller! No, I have everything I want. I’m really lucky so thanks so much.”

We asked the stars what THEY wanted for Christmas and while a few went with the feel good standard answer of “world peace,” there were some other, um, interesting things they wanted too.

EVA MENDES: “All I want for Christmas is for the war to end. And warm socks. Yeah, I never buy myself socks; it’s the weirdest thing in the world. But I need ‘em. I steal my boyfriend’s and it’s the cause of many fights.”

DEBRA MESSING: “All I want is for the war to end.”

AMERICA FERRERA: “All I want for Christmas is lots and lots of sleep.”

SIGOURNEY WEAVER: “Some time off.”

RON HOWARD: “My whole family under one roof for one day.”

MATTHEW BRODERICK: “To be home, definitely, our whole family is home, which will be good.”

KEVIN KLINE: “An end to the suffering in Darfur… world peace.”

TAYLOR SWIFT: “Hopefully, I get a new pair of glasses. And stationary. I wrote a lot of letters to people so I’m trying to keep the art of writing letters alive. And I love stationary and I’ll also need my glasses to read the stationary.”

SHARON STONE: “I already have everything I want. I’m so happy. I just want now our nation to get everything it needs.”

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: “All I wanted for Christmas was a brand new President named Barack Obama. And I feel like I am getting that. So I must have been a good girl!”

Happy Holidays!

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