Glam Slam: Always The Bridesmaid…

Megan Fox and America Ferrera just announced their engagements, while Calista Flockhart finally tied the knot with Harrison Ford! Bridal season is in full swing!

One of the biggest and trickiest things a bride will plan is the “look” of her wedding party… especially the bridesmaids. How many times have you been stuck in an ugly, expensive dress that no matter what the bride says, you will NEVER, EVER wear again!

Ariane Goldman, the owner and creator of twobirds Bridesmaid, found a solution to the widespread bridesmaid dress debacle by creating a line of multifunctional dresses that can be tied, twisted and wrapped over 15 different ways. It can be worn again and again, effectively killing two birds with one dress, thus the name twobirds Bridesmaid. (Alyssa Milano’s bridesmaids wore the brand at her wedding.) Here are some of Ariane’s suggestions of what to keep in mind to make sure that your girls look and feel fabulous on your big day.

These days, women want to look good but want to dance and feel liberated for at least six hours. Make sure that you choose a dress that enables girls to look classy but allows them to dance the night away to celebrate with you.

We love our friends for their uniqueness and different styles that come to the table. Enabling them to express themselves and be their best self will only make them shine. Allow them to choose a style that fits their own individual body type, while maintaining a consistency with the rest of the bridal party, so it all ties together.

Don’t be afraid to go bold. A bride will shine the brightest on her big day, so take a risk with dress color and splash some life into the bridal party. Also, be sure to coordinate the groomsmen so they tie in with the gorgeous ladies.

Feel free to mix and match lengths when it comes to your bridesmaid dresses. However, if you all go long you can always cut it down after the big day and make the cutest little mini. As long as fabric and color are the same, allow girls to choose what’s right for their body.

Given today’s economy, use this as an opportunity to invest in a dress that they can wear again. Try to pick a style that is timeless and a fabric that can be worn through many seasons. This way your girls can feel comfortable and grateful that they have a dress to wear again in the future.

The twobirds Bridesmaid dress, which retails for $270-$310, is available in 18 colors, in 4 different lengths and one size fits 0-14. (Plus sizes also available.) For more info, check out

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