Glam Slam: Baby Birthday Party Must-Haves

Our lovely daughter turned 1 yesterday! We had her big celebration early with family while we were on vacation in South Carolina. She has a big sister who is 5, so I thought I was a birthday expert after the dozens and dozens of parties I’ve been to, but in those few short years, things have apparently changed for the milestone first birthday.

First of all, smash cakes became a big deal. I had never even heard of a smash cake when our first daughter turned 1. I’ve come to learn that it’s very popular to have a personal cake for your little one, so they can go crazy with it and parents will have lots of fun photos to torture their kids with for years to come. An added plus, because they get their own cake to destroy and no one else will get their icky kid germs. So there’s that.
Ryan Patterson’s daughter Jasper enjoys her smash cake and birthday crown

Smash cakes may be a smash with the toddler set, but our daughter was not buying it. She did not like how the icing from her butterfly decorated cake felt… she didn’t like it on her hands and was not about to eat it. So no cake for our girl.

Her “birthday crown” was a bigger hit than the cake. I did not know about birthday crowns either the first time around. They are all the rage. So naturally, our daughter needed one.

I searched Etsy and found cute ones at - one for her and a teeny, tiny one for her big sister. I must admit – they are super cute!!!! Yes, I’ve joined the birthday crown bandwagon. I’m sure as the years go by, I will learn even more about how much I DON’T know about kiddie trends. Or kids, for that matter. It’s all part of the journey though and I’m up for that.

Happy birthday beautiful girl- wishing you many, marny more!

-- Ryan Patterson

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