Glam Slam: Baby Your Skin While Pregnant

Kate Hudson just gave birth to her second child this past Saturday and boy did she look beautiful all the way through her pregnancy… especially her glowing skin.

Not everyone is so lucky - all that extra hormonal activity can cause a variety of pregnancy beauty problems.

Skincare guru Sonya Dakar, whose celeb clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Sofia Vergara and Kyra Sedgwick, shares some mommy-to-be skin saving tips.

1. Pregnancy Puffiness: everyone knows that your tummy gets bigger when you are expecting- but sadly most women experience bloating and puffiness in their hands, feet and even their face. Acupressure Massage is my favorite way to reduce facial puffiness and boost circulation and here is how it’s done:

- Apply a soothing and nourishing oil (I recommend my Organic Omega Booster) and perform the following massage to the entire facial.
- Locate the points with your index fingers, this is usually a small indentation in the skin.
- Gently press them until you feel no more than a comfortable pain.
- Hold the pressure while you knead the points with very small circular movements.
- Breathe slowly and deeply and focus your mind on the points as you massage them. Repeat for 2-3 minutes.

2. Pregnancy Pimples: with hormones raging your skin sometimes can look like a war zone. I see so many women who usually have flawless skin suffer from hormonal breakouts on their face, chest, and back. Try my Sonya Dakar Zit Zapper Recipe:

- Pour a packet of yeast into a bowl and add water one drop at a time (approximately one teaspoon of water).
- Mix well after each drop until the mixture turns to a medium paste. Add a drop or two of lemon juice and blend. Dab the paste on your breakouts (but be sure to give it time to dry before hiding under the covers).
- The yeast will help draw out the impurities and dry out the blemish. The lemon juice will work to help lighten any marks from the pimple as well.

3. Pregnancy Faux Glow: I know they say that you are supposed to be glowing when you are pregnant, but it’s not always the case. Hormones are in high gear and can cause oiliness, pregnancy mask (discoloration on the skin), and enlarged capillaries… it’s not always pretty. I teach clients to fake it with a little facial oil- combo.

Mix 1 part facial oil, with 1 part foundation and 1 part SPF 30. Apply to entire face and you will be glowing like J.Lo in no time.

4. Summer Spray: It’s hot and you’re pregnant. As the mercury rises, so does your discomfort level. What’s a pregnant mom to do for relief? Try and beat the bloat!! This means cut out the salt, drink plenty of water and keep your feet elevated whenever possible to alleviate swelling and boost circulation. I also tell my clients to make themselves a little refreshing spray bottle that they can mist all over their skin to keep it refreshed.

Mix together:
3 oz. purified water
1tablespoon of sea salt- this will help mattify excess oil
1oz of cooled and steeped organic chamomile tea
1-2 drops of lavender essential oil
Pour all ingredients into a glass spray bottle (you can find them at beauty supply stores) and mist your skin throughout the day.

5. Acne, rashes and bumps! “Hands down, acne is the No. 1 skin problem to hit women during pregnancy — but there are also a variety of bumps and rashes and discolorations that occur as well “ says Sonya Dakar. Fear not — help is on the way! With just a few small changes to your beauty routine, you can get the glow going and join the ranks of some the world’s most beautiful pregnant divas! Even if it’s been years since you’ve seen a zit, don’t be surprised if pregnancy brings out a bumper crop, particularly around your mouth and chin. These are the most common areas for acne to occur during pregnancy, and if you don’t treat it right away, it will continue until you deliver, and sometimes even after baby is born. I do believe that regular facials are ideal, clearing skin in an instant, there are also at-home routines you can adopt to keep your skin bump free.

Exfoliate- use a gently scrub 2-3 times a week. Use all over face and any other areas that need some smoothing. I recommend chest, back and shoulders- which can also be the victim of breakouts. Look for a scrub that is natural and delicate- the last thing you want to do is irritate and scratch your skin, try my Detox Micro Scrub, it’s 100% Natural.

Avoid the sun – it is your skin’s WORST enemy. During these 9 months your hormones make your skin more sensitive to discoloration, and developing a pregnancy mask. This means that dark splotches can appear on your forehead, cheeks and upper lip. Wear an SPF 30 EVERY DAY!! The sun damage does not go away when the baby arrives. Don’t sit in direct sunlight, and wear hats. Keep your face protected at all times.

Avoid overheating- whether it’s warm indoors or out try and stay cool in the shade, with the AC or a dozen fans blowing cool air on you. Overheating is not only unhealthy, but can cause tiny rash-like bumps to develop on your face and body. These in turn can turn into tiny little pimples. So if you can’t take the heat then do yourself a favor and stay out of the kitchen.

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