Glam Slam: Ballet Flat Heaven

A store selling nothing but ballet flats just opened a couple of doors down from my gym. Hmmmm… someone must be trying to tempt me big-time because, if you read Glam Slam even sporadically, you know I am a ballet flat fanatic.

Every time I pass by the store, it’s like the aroma of baking cookies… I feel like I’m being lured in by dozens of gorgeous shoes! Pretty Ballerinas, is the name of the store and the brand of handcrafted shoes, which have been around since 1918. Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson and Katherine Heigl are all fans of the shoes.

The boutique is adorable. There is a leopard print round ottoman in the middle for trying on shoes and one wall features stacks of shoes which reach the ceiling. The employees use one of those old-school wooden ladders on wheels, like the kind they have in libraries, to get to the hard-to-reach shoes.

There are leopard print flats. Snakeskin. Suede. Velvet. With bows. With buckles. Neon. Metallic. Pointy toes. Round toes. Zebra print. Sequined. Pretty much any color you could want.

Prices range from $169 to $775 for a hand-sewn jeweled pair. The majority are $250 or less though.

They also make and sell kids shoes, which are so adorable. With prices starting at $159 though, they are waaaayyyy out of my range… it’s not worth it to spend that kind of money on shoes my daughter will only wear for a couple of months.

But for the grown-ups, the well-made shoes are a good buy. Some of the styles have been the same for more than 40 years- now that’s truly a classic!

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