Glam Slam: Best & Worst Dressed On The Ice

Figure skating is pretty much the only Olympic Winter Sport I watch. My Exec Producer Rob is mortified that I refer to it as “figure skating” or even “skating.” As he continues to remind me every chance he gets, it’s called “Figs.” Yes, “Figs.” Got that? Yeah, OK, Rob… whatever… I love figs, especially in the Summertime with a glass of French Rose.

Anyway - for me, skating is not just about the triple axel, triple lutz, triple toe loops and all the other jumps and moves… it’s about the fashion of course! Or in this case, “Figs Fashion.” Cue the smirk.

Obviously, these outfits are meant to be dramatic. In my humble opinion, the bad skating costumes last night outnumbered the good ones, by far. I had no idea sky blue straight outta the seventies was such a trend among the skating set. The ladies representing Canada, China and Slovenia all went with blue. China’s was the worst of the three.

Russia and Finland both donned purple… and I think Laura Lepisto of Finland definitely got the better style score out of these two.

Elena Glebova of Estonia went with an odd mint green and blue outfit that looked like a bathing suit Ester Williams may have worn back in the day. And Switzerland! Wow - such a chic country, I expected more. Instead, her ensemble featured flames that you might see on the side of a Harley.

Others fared better on the rink turned runway. USA’s Rachael Flatt stood out in her hot pink number, which I could actually picture Paris Hilton wearing for a night on the town. But like a typical fashion person, I liked the ladies in black best. South Korea’s Kim Yu-Na is in first place and she was my first pick for fashion. I thought her one shouldered ensemble, complete with choker was fun and flirty. Cheltzie Lee of Australia was adorable in her black and blue sparkly number. US skater Mirai Nagasu went with black, embellished with gold beading. And in the most emotional moment of the night, Canadian skater Joannie Rochette, whose mother died suddenly of a heart attack Sunday, competed in a black number with beaded rose detailing. Pure elegance and class all the way.

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