Glam Slam: Borrowed Style

I was in Barneys New York the other day when the elevator door opened and like a scene in a Hollywood movie….out stepped the most gorgeous guy…I would almost describe him as beautiful or even pretty. I don’t know how to explain it any other way. He reminded me of a much, much less glam version of Adam Lambert…piercing blue eyes, slicked back hair.

He was dressed immaculately in a suit. As he breezed past me (in what seemed like slow motion!) I noticed that he had accessorized the suit with an Alexander McQueen scull scarf draped around his neck. Nice fashion-y touch.

And then as he walked past the jewelry counter that separated us, he came into full view. That’s when I saw it.

He was carrying a bag.

Not a business-like man-bag.
Not a briefcase.
Not a sporty satchel.
Not a laptop case.

He was carrying a pristine HERMES BIRKIN BAG!

Yes - a BIRKIN! O-M-G!

I smiled to myself and thought, what impeccable taste!

I didn’t think that much more about that guy until this weekend, when I was in a restaurant and a funky dressed guy with long hair walked in carrying a Longchamp bag. Hmmm… Then, the very next day, I was at a park when a man, who I thought was wearing cargo shorts walked by. When I saw two other men near me do a double take, I turned around to see what they were looking at and I noticed the man wasn’t wearing cargo shorts at all, He was wearing an army green kilt- style skirt. This got me thinking….What is going on?

Just a couple of years ago the guys got in on the beauty action and made the term “Metrosexuality” a trendy concept. Then they got into “Manscaping.”

Now are they cribbing our style too? Women have been raiding men’s closets for years (le smoking, jeans, cargo pants and tank tops come to mind)…We borrow from the boys, why can’t they borrow from us? Think how much pleasure buying a new bag brings us ladies! Why should we have all the fun?

I will admit, however, that I’m torn about guys getting in on the purse action. There’s already too much cut-throat competition to get on the list for an Hermes Birkin or other “it bag.” To be honest, I’m not sure we need even more competition from the guys!!!!!! LOL!

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