Glam Slam: Bumpin’ It

Well, here we go again! I am expecting my second child! Yay!

The bump popped much faster this time and I’m already scratching my head as to what to wear. Because I was showing earlier this time around, I had to go public with the news, probably sooner than I would have liked.

There were only so many scarves and winter coats I could wear around the office! Once I learned that temperatures were hitting the 80’s last week, I knew I had some revealing to do!

For my first pregnancy, I only bought two maternity items… both skinny jeans from Topshop in London because I could not find super skinny ones here. I didn’t want to spend money on something I couldn’t wear later, so I really didn’t invest much in the way of maternity clothes. I am hoping to do the same thing again this time. Luckily… loose styles are really in right now!

Here I am in a Topshop blazer and T-shirt, and stretchy Zara faux leather pants. I love the idea of leather pants (real or faux) for a pregnant woman. It seems so unmaternity-like and chic! I don’t know about any of you who have been pregnant, but I really want and need to feel stylish because you don’t always feel so great and this helps lift my spirits a little.

To be honest, I will wear a burlap sack though if that’s what it takes… I’m just so grateful to be pregnant again because it hasn’t been easy. After we announced my pregnancy on Access Hollywood Live last week, I’ve been inundated with e-mails from many, many people revealing their own struggles. The kind words and messages have meant so much to me, thank you for all of them and for your support. It’s been such a positive reminder of the strength of the human spirit. I never lose sight of the fact that the priority is having a healthy baby and not about superficial things like fabulous maternity clothes that matter so much in the grand scheme of life.

That being said, it never hurts to look your best, so you can feel your best, so over the next few months, I’m hoping to do just that.

If you missed the announcement… here it is. Have a wonderful weekend!

-- Ryan Patterson

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