Glam Slam: Cameron Diaz’s Killer Legs

“My major motivation is just to feel strong and be healthy and live the most active life that I can because that’s important to me,” Cameron Diaz told us when we asked about her sexy and shapely legs.

“I do all kinds of exercises, everything from lifting weights to running,” she revealed. “I like to be active. I really feel health is really important and we have to take care of our bodies and it’s just something that I’ve been doing for a really long time.”

Want amazing gams like Cameron’s? ADVANTAGE Trainer Nina Moore at The Sports Club/LA, where celebs Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber work out, shares some leg toning exercises to get you going.

Start with feet hip width apart. Place a Glider or towel under one foot. Begin to slide the leg with the towel or glider laterally until your feet are shoulder width or wider apart. Use your adductors or inner thighs to return to the starting position.

Things to focus on for perfect form: Keep your core engaged, legs straight, hips squared or even and your feet in a straight line throughout the movement.

Reps/Sets: 2 or 3 sets of 15 – 20 reps
Progression: Add a medicine ball or dumbbell push press
Regression: Limited the range of motion by 2 or 3 inches
Primary Muscles Worked: Adductors

Start facing side of bench, step or platform. Place the right foot on top of the bench. Step up into a single leg balance (left leg is non-weight bearing). Step down from the bench with the left leg, stepping into a deep lunge by moving the right leg behind the left and bending the right knee. Repeat for 12-15 reps before switching to the left leg.

Things to focus on for perfect form: Keep your core engaged; stand up tall making sure to keep a neutral spine. A slower more controlled tempo is better for this exercise.

Reps/Sets: 2 or 3 sets of 12 – 15 reps
Progression: Add light weights
Regression: Lower the step or decrease the number of reps
Primary Muscles Worked: Quads, Glutes

Start with feet hip width apart. Jump into a wide stance, keeping hips parallel to your knees. Jump again into a narrower squat, again keeping the hips low.

Things to focus on for perfect form: Keep your chest up but drop your hips low. Make sure to land on the whole foot and not just your toes.

Reps/Sets: 2 or 3 sets of 10 – 20 jumps or see how many jumps you can do in 30 seconds
Progression: Hold a light/medium weight medicine ball close to the chest while you jump
Regression: Do fewer reps
Primary Muscles Worked: Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes and Calves

Add jumping rope to your workouts for really sexy, toned and defined calves.

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