Glam Slam: Celebrity Moms – They’re Not Always Like Us!

Aww, celebrities moms! They’re just like us regular moms, right?

Try as they might, celebrity moms are in no way like us! For starters, most of us don’t have an army of help or an endless budget to satisfy our new mommy needs or those of our newborn.

Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton are just two of the new stars moms – both of whom I am sure will soon be showing off their perfect post-baby bods.

Glam Slam recently met a group of New Jersey moms who started a “get-real” blog on motherhood called

It’s a hilarious snapshot on parenting from a group of no-nonsense women who have been there and done that!

These ladies shared with Glam Slam their recent post on celebrity moms and the lies they tell!

1. They craved cantaloupe while pregnant. Weird, right? Of all the food in the world, these wild women craved fruit! No they didn’t. They CRAVED hot fudge sundaes and nachos. They ATE fruit.

2. They’re “over the moon” and “resting comfortably” after childbirth. Whether you’ve had a vaginal delivery or a C-section, how comfortable were you after delivery? If comfortable means hopped up on percocet and peeing standing up with a nurse’s assistance, I rested comfortably too.

3. Breastfeeding is the only weight loss plan they’re on. Breastfeeding must be code for personal training sessions and meal delivery service.

4. Their husbands are all naturals. Where is the celebrity who says, “My husband has no effing clue what he’s doing and I can’t guide him because I don’t know either!”? I didn’t see that couple on The View.

5. They’re totally content with their newfound curves. (And I’m totally content being a unicorn.)

6. Their babies are “so good.” They never cry, they’re totally laid back and they sleep through the night already. No, YOU, sleep through the night already because YOU have a night nurse and a doula.

7. They want to have ten more. But they never, ever do. (Unless they’re Tori Spelling. She really does that).

For more tidbits on motherhood, check out

-- Terri MacLeod

(Glam Slam’s Ryan Patterson is on maternity leave. Terri MacLeod is filling in.)

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