Glam Slam: Celebrity Shape Up Secrets Week — Bikini Body Workout

If Teri Hatcher can look that smokin’ hot in a bikini at 44, there’s hope for all of us!

It’s Day Two of Glam Slam’s Shape Up Week and who better to get us Bikini Body Ready than Celebrity Trainer Valerie Waters, who has worked with Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel and Cindy Crawford.

“Nobody got a Bikini Body by contemplating a Bikini Body. You do actually have to work for it,” Valerie says. “Start right now. Schedule 3 full body bikini circuits this week.” Get going with Valerie’s signature moves!

WHAT IT DOES: “This exercise is great for the hips & butt!!” Valerie says.

HOW TO: Place a mini elastic band around your ankles. Stand with your feet hip width apart and get into a squat position. Step to the side with your left leg, and then bring your right leg towards the left leg, but not all the way as to keep some tension on the band. Continue across the room stepping out with your left leg. Return to the other side of the room facing the same way stepping out with your right foot. NOTE: Make sure the foot doesn’t get out from under the knee. **You will feel this in your glutes and hips.

WHAT IT DOES: This will lift and shape your butt faster than any other exercise I know.

HOW TO: Stand with feet together, place the ball of your right foot on an exercise gliding disc. (Val has created her own called the Valslide®.) Slide your right foot back; left leg will bend at 90º. Slide your right foot up to start position, pulling up with the glute (butt) of your left leg. Finish reps and switch sides. NOTE: Be sure to use the stationary leg to return to start, not the sliding leg. Think of the sliding leg as just going along for the ride. **You will feel this in your glutes and quads.

WHAT IT DOES: This works the middle of your back and is great for posture.

HOW TO: Attach an elastic exercise band (the kind with a handle on each end) to a stationary object at chest height. Grab the handles of the band with each hand and step back from the object until the band is taut. With abs tight, squeeze your shoulder blades together as you bring your elbows toward the wall behind you keeping your arms in at your sides. Slowly bring your arms back out in front of you. Repeat for remaining reps.

WHAT IT DOES: This works your abs, especially the area right below the belly button.

HOW TO: On floor, assume pushup position, body straight, arms under shoulders, and place each foot on a sliding disc. Slide right knee in towards chest and exhale. Slide back to start. Slide left knee in towards chest and exhale. Continue to alternate between legs for remaining reps.

WHAT IT DOES: This is an unbelievable exercise for strengthening your core and flattening your belly.

HOW TO DO: Get in pushup or plank position with a gliding disc under each hand. Slowly slide your left hand several inches out in front of you, and then bring it back. Then slide your right hand out and back. Alternate back and forth until you have completed all the reps. Don’t let your hips drop.

For More of Valerie’s Bikini Body Workout, tune in to Access Hollywood’s Celebrity Shape Up Secrets Special this weekend. Check your local listings.

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