Glam Slam: Celebrity Wedding Bling — Color Rocks!

Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire ring is gorgeous and very sentimental. Jessica Simpson loves her unique ruby engagement ring from fiancé Eric Johnson. “He knew that I didn’t want the traditional wedding ring,” Jessica told us on our morning show, Access Hollywood Live. “He knew that I wanted ruby in my ring… apparently he hid it in his shoe for three weeks, I had no idea!”

Colored stones are having a moment according to Gina Nigrelli, designer of Jules Smith jewelry, which has been worn by Blake Lively, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus.

“Celebrity engagement rings have long been yet another form of self-expression,” Jules says. “In some cases, colored stone engagement rings can imply that a relationship is fickle and the ring is more of a fashion accessory than a reflection of a life-long bond. In others, it indicates a personal, non-traditional approach to engagement.” Jules breaks down the trend of celebrities’ colored stone engagement rings, color by color.

“Prince William’s choice was both elegant and nostalgic. In giving Kate Middleton Princess Diana’s engagement ring, Prince William chose to honor his mother and declare his lasting commitment to his bride-to-be. The sapphire oval ring is not only a family heirloom and historic treasure in England, but an indicator that Kate Middleton is poised to become an important part of his family’s royal history. It’s incredibly romantic!”

“Jessica Simpson’s unexpected choice of a three-stone ring with a center ruby is a departure from the more traditional diamond engagement ring she received from Nick Lachey. That may be the very reason she chose it, since this is her second engagement and she’s already experienced a diamond ring. Though the ruby is the stone of love and the most romantic gem, only time will tell if this colored stone engagement will last.”

“Carrie Underwood and Heidi Klum’s yellow diamond engagement rings are a subtle, yet modern alternative to the traditional ring. Underwood and Klum may live different lives; Klum a mother of 4 and Underwood a recent newlywed, but when it comes to engagement rings, these two trendsetters hit the mark.”

“Carmen Electra and Carrie Bradshaw (in “Sex and The City 2”) share an undeniable love for all things non-traditional. They are risk takers in fashion and in life. Their choice of a black diamond engagement ring is an ode to tradition while adhering to their own rules.”

“The 6.1 carat pink diamond engagement ring Ben Affleck gave to Jennifer Lopez was less about the meaning of a special union and more about the fashion and fad of an accessory. This colored stone signified lust rather than love.”

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