Glam Slam: Cindy Crawford — Always Chic!

Modeling royalty in the house today! Cindy Crawford was on Access Hollywood Live this morning and yes, of course, she’s everything you would imagine. Gorgeous. Tall. Absolutely stunning in a short, brown, formfitting, mini dress and chic brown high heels. And she’s nice!

As I took a photo with her, I told her about meeting her years ago when I worked at “Entertainment Tonight.” I joked about taking a photo with her back then and it was one of the worst things I had ever done! She laughed.

It IS hard to see yourself standing next to someone as amazing as Cindy. What was I thinking?!

Many guys on our staff who never come to our show taping were there bright and early this morning. Hmmm. Wonder why? Somehow I don’t think it was to see Ken, The Bug Guy, who was another guest on the show (btw- Cindy is such a good sport… she posed with Ken, who was holding a scorpion!).

My boss Rob is a total Cindy Crawford fan and for the entire show all he did was rave about her. “She’s all woman” and “perfection” were two descriptions that came up.

I can’t believe Cindy is 44 and a mom of two. She looks exactly the same as she did as when I first met her 15 years ago! She told us “the secret is, there is no real secret” for how she looks so great. “I work out, I eat good.” She’s worn sunscreen for years and takes care of her skin (Meaningful Beauty is the skincare line she created with cosmetic surgeon Jean-Louis Sebagh). She tries to drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. She admits that chocolate is her indulgence. “I need to have chocolate,” she said.

Cindy showed us One Kiss by Cindy Crawford, her jewelry collection for JCPenney. “What girl doesn’t love jewelry, right?” she asked. She was wearing a necklace from the collection, which featured the henna tattoo symbol for “kiss.”

She wanted to make sure the line is affordable. She’s from the Midwest and when working on her line, she always thinks about her sisters and if they would be able to afford something. She also showed her bedding line, part of her collection, Cindy Crawford Style at JCPenney. For her, the most important thing is how something “feels.” For the home, she likes global style because “I have traveled so much.” She likes blending different styles with pieces that are “easy to decorate around.”

Entrepreneur. Designer. Model. Mom. Wife. What doesn’t she do?

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