Glam Slam: Congrats Naomi Campbell!

Naomi Campbell is celebrating 25 years in the modeling business. Where did the time go? That is quite an accomplishment in any profession, but especially in the cut throat world of modeling, which is always looking for the next young, hot thing. Twenty-five years in the modeling world is about 3,000 in dog years, right?

I worked with Naomi once years ago back when I was a field director at “Entertainment Tonight.” It was at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City and we were talking with Naomi about her acting gig in the film “Miami Rhapsody” starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Naomi made quite the entrance, let me tell you. She was in a head-to-toe Chanel skiing outfit made especially for her. She was the very definition of glamour. She couldn’t have been nicer when I interviewed her and we even joked about her falling on the slopes like she had famously done on the runway of the Vivienne Westwood show in crazy, towering shoes.

Then we needed Naomi to hit the slopes for a couple of runs, so that we could get footage of her for the piece. She did it once and that was it. I only got a few seconds of usable footage, but she was done. No more. No mas. No way.

She wasn’t a diva about it though, it was just very matter of fact. She was really gorgeous in person, even bundled up in ski clothes. I remember feeling like the Michelin Man next to her… very short and puffy in my borrowed Winter parka and clunky boots.

Of course, that’s why the statuesque stunner has such staying power… she’s one of the most beautiful people on the planet and she has that certain something, that magic that just clicks. That’s the bottom line.

The shelf life of a model isn’t very long and despite many, many, scandals, notoriously bad behavior and diva tantrums, Naomi is one of a few “older” models who continues to work steadily. Most of that rare breed are the original “Supers.” There’s Linda Evangelista, who is the current face of Talbots. Christy Turlington works so much I can’t even keep up with her campaigns. And of course, there is Cindy Crawford, who has created her own empire, which includes skin care products and a line for JCPenney.

Most of these women seemed to have settled down a bit, adding wife and mom to their list of accomplishments, which in turn, makes them more relatable to most of us real people. We’ve all seen the photos of a casual Cindy Crawford hanging with her mini-me daughter in Malibu. Naomi, on the other hand, is still as “Super” as ever. Living the jet set life. Champagne. Yachts. Designer clothes and jewels.

She’s living the model life to the fullest. And somehow, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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