Glam Slam: Congrats To The Grad

A graduation cap and gown is one of the most iconic ensembles ever. It represents so much…accomplishment, knowledge, hard work, dedication. Even when you’re five years old! Our beautiful daughter graduated last Thursday… from pre-school! The kids wore caps and gowns and even received diplomas at a special graduation ceremony – they loved it! So fun!

And so many mixed emotions for me. I’m proud, of course. Happy, of course. But also a tad sad. It’s the end of an era. A chapter closed. A new school and a new chapter about to begin.

Any parent will tell you they can’t believe how fast their kids grow up and how fast time flies by. It’s so true. Time is at warp speed. The days of finger painting and nap time are over. And before we know it, our daughter will be wearing her high school cap and gown and then hopefully a few years later a college cap and gown. If the first few years of her life are any indication… the coming years will be a complete blur.

(Ryan Patterson’s daughter Harlow seen in her graduation photo, June 2014)

There’s that old saying that “Clothes don’t make the man.” True, but in this case, they do symbolize an awful lot. Education yes… but more importantly years of memories… all wrapped up into a simple cap and gown.

-- Ryan Patterson

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