Glam Slam: Dapper Dad’s Day Gift Ideas

Despite having completely different styles, Johnny Depp, Usher, Peter Sarsgaard and Harry Connick Jr. have one thing in common… they are fans of J.Crew. It shows - talk about dapper dads!

Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas for the dapper dad in your life courtesy of J.Crew’s Men’s Style Director, Jack O’Connor. (That’s him with his 9-month-old son, Graham, below - awww, how cute!)

A great fitting suit
Because an impeccably tailored, sleekly cut suit can instantly transform any guy into a powerful, charismatic man of importance. It’s that easy. (It’ll also keep you covered for work, weddings, parties and pretty much anything else in between). And I’ve said it before: taking your suit to a tailor to tweak the fit will make it the best money you ever spent on your wardrobe, whether the suit cost $400 or $4,000.

Ludlow two-button suit jacket with double-vented back in Italian wool

A go-to pair of jeans

Every guy needs that one perfect pair - choose a slim fit with a dark wash and keep the fit slim and modern so you can dress them up with a sport coat or throw them on for the weekend. Find the right pair and it’s like salt for your wardrobe (they make everything look better).

484 slim-fit jean in dark worn wash

Sunglasses, wallet and watch

Think clean, classic and functional - they don’t need to be tricky to do the job they were designed to do (your phone probably has all the bells and whistles you need, anyway). There’s something nice about an item with a single practical purpose.

Timex vintage field army watch
Ray-Ban new Wayfarer sunglasses
Classic leather wallet

A pair of goes-with-everything chukka boots
You can literally wear them with almost everything else in your closet - yeah, they look great with chinos and shorts, but they also look good dressed up with a suit or paired with jeans and a sport coat.

Quoddy suede chukka boots

The necessary details (belts, ties and pocket squares)
Sometimes the smallest touches make the biggest impact - you may think that no one notices them, but they do. They’re also the details that set you apart.

Classic leather plaque belt
Classic gingham tie
White linen pocket square

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