Glam Slam: Dear Khloe Kardashian…

Talk about Hush Hush and Rush Rush! You are practically sprinting down the aisle this weekend - tying the knot with your boyfriend Lamar Odom after only dating a month! Girl, you move fast!

That’s cramming what often takes couples a year or more of planning, into just days. Phew! Now Khloe, I don’t want you to forget anything on your big day, so I asked Xochitl Gonzalez, a wedding planner at “Always a Bridesmaid” in New York, to share her go-to I Do tips, so you can avoid any last minute bridal blunders.

You can thank me later-

Your Glam Slam Gal Ryan

1) Get a manicure! Everyone will be staring at your band. Try Minx, they don’t chip or peel and they don’t even need time to dry! They just get “rubbed” on. It’s the hottest thing for brides.

2) Wear something that zips or buttons up front when you are getting ready so that you won’t mess up your hair or makeup before you get your dress on.

3) Pack a mini-emergency kit. It only takes a trip to the drugstore. Safety pins, sewing kit, OXY wipes, mints, Advil, oil blotting pads, hair pins and some clean white cloths are good must-haves.

4) Eat something before the ceremony, even if you are nervous! It’s a long day and once the party gets started you may not remember to eat. No one wants a fainting bride!

5) Before you head down the aisle, make sure your engagement ring is on your RIGHT hand. Your wedding band needs to go closest to your heart; your engagement ring will join it later.

6) Remember to hold your bouquet just below your waistline. It elongates the torso and creates a beautiful line in photos.

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