Glam Slam: Emmy Week — Red Carpet Hairstyles

Glam Slam’s Emmy week continues with a look at the hot hairstyles we should expect to see on the red carpet this Sunday.

Celebrity hair expert Brandon Martinez, who has worked with Elle Macpherson, Rosario Dawson and Diane Kruger (and creator of his own hair product line ‘B. The Product’ predicts we will see updos with height.

“There is lots of big hair all over the runways, so we can anticipate that translating into lots of volume on the red carpet. I think asymmetrical braids are going to be really hot as well because it gives a bit of edge to the typical sweet look,” Brandon says. “Bohemian chic is also still raging so we can expect some looks that reflect that trend.”

Here Brandon shares how you can create these looks at home.

Tools: 1 1/2 inch curling iron, hairspray, elastic hair tie, bobby pins, flower (optional)
Hair Length: longer bobs to long hair
For a quick simple up-do with side swept bangs, part hair as desired and leave one section out, while pulling the rest of the hair back to create a low side ponytail and secure with an elastic hair band. Spray the entire ponytail with hairspray to secure a bend for the chignon. Curl the ponytail as tight as you can get it, then release after 15 seconds, then wrap it as desired at the base to create an easy side chignon. Take the front section that was left out, hit it with hairspray and curl outwards with the iron to create a wave. Brush out the wave and mold into a side swept bang and secure behind the ear with a bobby pin. Pin a flower in the side of the chignon to pump up the look.

Tools: B. The Product Dry Cleaned dry shampoo
Hair Length: medium
Use dry shampoo all over roots to beef up and give hair some grip. Tease the center section of your hair from front to back and hit the root with hairspray to keep volume and add extra hold. Take sides and pull into a ponytail, then wrap a small piece from the pony around hair tie to clean it up. Take a brush to the teased sections, smooth out and mold, then pin excess hair into the ponytail but don’t be afraid to let some hair loose.

Tools: Mason Pearson brush, finishing cream, your fingers, elastic hair tie, 2 bobby pins
Hair Length: medium to long
Apply a finishing cream throughout the hair. Create 2-3 inch surface braid on the front/side of head. Braid from root to end. Run the braid down the side and lock in the end of the braid to the base of the ponytail. Use a bobby pin to secure.

Tools: B. The Product Whipped - (Alcohol and VOC free mousse), your fingers, elastic hair tie
Hair Length: medium to long
To achieve this look at home simply French braid entire head of hair while damp and sleep on it. Use a light gel or Soft Mousse to give the hair some grip. When you wake in the morning take out French braid and you will have soft wavy hair with body and movement.

Tools: L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray (medium hold with shine), a 1-inch curling iron
Hair Length: all lengths of curly hair
For those of you who have limp curls and don’t feel like rewashing. Take a 1-inch curling iron and randomly wrap your limp curls around the barrel. Spritz a bit of hairspray on each curl before using the curling iron for shine and protection. Do this all over the head to achieve a not so perfect beachy uniform curl. Think Kate Hudson.

The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards air this Sunday, August 29th on NBC. Make sure you check out the live preshow produced by all of us here at Access Hollywood!

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