Glam Slam: Fantasy Fashion Gets A Reality Check

I was reading the November issue of People StyleWatch when I came across this tip… “Shop for your real life. Shopping for your fantasy life can lead to mistakes.”

I had to laugh because I have been going through this exact situation. I had been agonizing over a metallic Diane von Furstenberg jacket. It was on the pricey side, so I really had to think about buying it. Where would I wear it? Would I get my money’s worth? How would I economize it?

Back in the olden days- “BC” as I like to call it- as in “before child,” I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about buying the jacket. It’s a gorgeous jacket… really beautiful… and I could have worn it to numerous events, swanky dinners at hip restaurants and nights out when I didn’t have to worry about someone spitting milk or getting other food or drool on me.

My, oh my how things change. I used to love buying high, high heels, impractical clutch purses that only hold keys, a phone and a lip gloss, and lots of shiny, fancy “going out” clothes. My wardrobe has done a 180… now it’s all about things I can throw in the wash and big slouchy bags that can also hold baby bottles, diapers and wipes.

So there is my dilemma. I need to be practical, but not so practical that I lose all sense of style. I know that I must be in good company. There is no way I am alone in this situation!

How many times have you talked yourself into buying something for some fantasy life you don’t exactly lead? For the size you WANT to be, not the size you are? How much money have you wasted buying something that you MIGHT wear to that fabulous party you are hoping to be invited to?

I ended up buying the jacket because “it might not be there in my size” if I waited. I still wasn’t sure if I would keep it, but liked having the option to return it if I got home and realized I had nothing to go with it. I also liked the idea of getting the best reality check I have, my husband, to weigh in as to whether or not it’s worth keeping. Surprisingly, he thought a shrunken metallic jacket was a great purchase. Huh?

I ended up wearing the jacket to a huge “Entertainment Tonight” reunion party and I wore it once on-air for Access Hollywood. I got lots of compliments both times, but it was never a question if the jacket was stylish or not. The question was and is about getting my money’s worth. Which means I need to wear it a lot more!

You’ll probably see me wearing it to death on the show… and now you know why! I have some serious economzing to do!

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