Glam Slam: Fashion Faux Pas Queen

At lunch the other day, I noticed the woman at the table next to me had her top on inside out. There it was for all to see- a big Arden B label.

I felt her pain and of course, so have plenty of stars, who have gotten caught in less than perfect style circumstances.

Snooki is just one celeb who has dominated those “What Were They Thinking?” and “Fire The Stylist” columns of magazines for her Jerseylicious fashion choices.

Thank goodness most of us aren’t famous because our fashion choices and fashion faux pas would also be put under a microscope. We’ve all had deodorant marks on our clothes, or maybe put together a less than flattering outfit to run out and do errands…we just don’t have to worry about it ending up in the weekly magazines or online.

While I obviously don’t dress anywhere near as outrageously as Snooki, I am the first to admit that I’m guilty of many, many style errors.

Here are few that could land me on a few “What Was She Thinking?’ lists.

1. I recently had a lunch meeting with a publicist and as I get there, I notice that my new Helmut Lang shirt has lip gloss all on the front. I thought that was bad enough, but when I left I realized I had some random huge stain all over the leg of my white jeans. I can only hope no one else noticed.

2. One time, two girls were looking and looking at me and checking me out. I thought they liked my outfit or something and was feeling quite pleased with myself. Reality check. After much back and forth between the two, they finally came over and told me that I had toilet paper sticking out of the back of my pants. Eek!

3. I recently wore my shirt backwards.

4. One year at a work holiday party, I wore a brand new black blouse and pants ensemble, which I loved. It was only when I looked at photos afterwards did I realize the outfit was completely sheer and you could see my underwear underneath. Not quite the look I was going for. .

5. I am also continually guilty of wearing the wrong thing for the occasion. One weekend two publicists were in town from NY and I went for a quick meeting. They told me it was very casual and I was coming from my daughter’s soccer practice, so I had on a flannel shirt and puffy vest. I walk in to discover two very chic publicists dressed in nice suits and accessorized very stylishly. Casual for New York professionals has a different definition! Lesson learned…dress up more than you think for any occasion!

So Snooki, and quite a few other Fashion Police regulars, are in good company.

At least I can try to slink away anonymously after an embarrassing episode…they don’t have that luxury.

-- Ryan Patterson

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