Glam Slam: Fight Fat Over 40 With Suzanne Somers!

How much do we love Suzanne Somers? We are obsessed with her around here!

She returned as a guest to our morning show Access Hollywood Live… and instead of hiding out in her dressing room, she and her husband hung out in our Green Room and chatted with us about everything from gluten free diets to online shopping!

Her latest book, which is her 20th btw, is called “Sexy Forever: How To Fight Fat after Forty!” and it’s #1 on the New York Times’ Bestsellers List!

Today, Suzanne shares with Glam Slam readers five ways you can fight fat over forty!

TIP #1: To successfully lose fat after forty, understand that changes on the planet have created a toxic environment that affects all of us. The more toxins and chemicals, the fatter we get. Lower your toxic burden by reducing as many chemicals in your life as possible, from your beauty products to household cleaners to filtered water… it all adds up!

TIP #2: For permanent weight loss after forty, imbalanced hormones play a huge part in the equation. These can be connected to thyroid function, insulin levels and the hormones that begin to decline, often in your mid - to late thirties. Consider getting a hormone panel to check your levels and then replace with bioidentical hormones from a qualified doctor.

TIP #3: Don’t eat “diet” food. Prepare your own food and focus (where possible) on organic. I enjoy protein, good carbs, and a huge variety of vegetables. Eat vegetables of all different colors — a treat for the taste buds and the eye, with the incredible benefit of a variety of immune building, life-giving antioxidants.

TIP #4: Get tested for hidden obstacles that may be keeping you overweight, such as food intolerances and gut sickness that can make you tired, bloated and fat.

TIP #5: Want to be SEXY FOREVER? It’s more than a diet - it’s a lifestyle change with exercise, healthy food, plus the addition of hormones as needed and supplements to fill in the gaps where our food supply comes up short. This helps to correct nutritional deficiencies, eliminate food cravings, build the immune system, keep your bones strong, bring your sex drive back and keep your brain sharp. Now that’s sexy!

For more information head to and you can take Suzanne’s Sexy Forever Quiz, here.

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