Glam Slam: Get Lean Now

Seeing all the toned ladies on the Oscars red carpet has given me the inspiration I needed to kick start healthier eating habits after indulging in far too many cupcakes, pies and fries lately! Celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak, who works with Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga, has created a program to live healthier.

His new book, “The 5-Factor World Diet,” is all about adopting the best food and lifestyle habits of the World’s 10 leanest and longest-living nations.

1. Limit the amount of butter you cook with. Singaporeans primarily cook with heart healthy canola or sesame oil. Butter (like other dairy products) is generally scarce.

2. Eat at a slow pace. While the French often have sky-high fat content at many of their meals, their slow, deliberate dining methods often mean they consume fewer calories than Americans do.

3. Allow yourself a weekly “free day.” From Monday through Saturday, Italians generally eat modest portions of healthy foods. Sunday is their national “free day,” the one day of the week when they indulge in massive, filling meals.

4. Eat your sandwiches like the Swedish — open-face style with one piece of bread.

5. Try eating with chopsticks. You won’t eat as much as fast and the oils/sauces will drip off.

6. Incorporate as much soy into your diet as the Japanese do. A whole soy health bar is the perfect snack on the go.

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Give me Liberty! My favorite London department store, Liberty of London is famous for its floral prints and now it just got a little easier to own the iconic patterns. Target has teamed up with the famed British store for a limited-edition collection of home items and fashion for women, men, kids and even baby. The collection features 25 whimsical and unique prints and ranges in price from $3.99 to $199.00 (for a cool bicycle!).

Liberty of London for Target is in stores and on line March 14th.

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