Glam Slam: Giving In To Comfort!

So far, we haven’t seen Duchess Kate or Kim Kardashian wear much in the way of maternity wear. They’ve been sporting regular clothes and I’m all for stretching my own regular wardrobe (literally) for as long as I can. I hate to spend money on something that I will only be able to wear a short time. That may be silly, but it seems like a waste of money. With my first pregnancy, I bought just two maternity items - two pairs of super-skinny jeans from Topshop in London, which I couldn’t find here.

This time around, I feel the same way. Why throw away money? Except that now I’m starting to run out of pants to wear, even with those two pairs of maternity jeans, which I still have. My regular jeans, even the ones with tons of stretch, are starting to get mighty snug at 7 months! So I gave in. This weekend I hit the maternity section at Gap and bought two pairs of jeans.

I bought a white pair (which I am wearing today) because I knew I would be wearing white jeans a lot this summer and I don’t know how much longer I will fit into my regular Gap white jeans. I also purchased an army green patterned pair…which really feels like a splurge. Patterned jeans in general seem very trendy and then to buy them in maternity seems a little frivolous to me. One thing I did learn with my first pregnancy though - it takes a while to lose the baby weight…so I will probably still be wearing those maternity jeans long after the baby has arrived.

Sometimes comfort outweighs everything else. As much as I hate the idea of “maternity clothes,” at least I can try to look semi-cute (and be comfy) for the next few months.

-- Ryan Patterson

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