Glam Slam: Gossip Guys

Matthew McConaughey is on to something. People may laugh at all his beach workouts, but hitting the great outdoors instead of the gym certainly has its advantages. One is not having to work out next to obnoxious people!

Recently, I was on the elliptical machine next to two older guys. I would guess they were late 40s or early 50s. I got the impression they were both single, probably divorced. I have seen them both at the gym countless times and judging by their overly muscled bodies, they spend way too much time there. (P.S. fellas, bulging muscles are a turn off - yuck!)

Anyway - we were on the machines by the front door, so we could easily see the endless parade of people coming in. They knew lots of people and yelled out hellos. A blonde in her late 40s came over after the guy next to me called her a “little minx” and a “Hershey’s kiss.” Wow - he really knows how to charm the ladies! Hmmmm.

I wasn’t surprised to hear them talk about and oogle the women that came in. I expected that from these two. But what surprised me was how catty and gossipy they could be about the GUYS!

One man, who was probably around 50, but trying to dress like he was 15, stopped to chat with them. He was wearing a white tank and cut-off super baggy khaki pants hanging on for dear life thanks to the help of a belt. He looked like an over-the-hill extra on “Jersey Shore”.

He made some reference to one of the guys “sweet” car… which I gathered from the conversation was a very expensive ride. When he left, these two went off. They just went on and on ripping the guy for what he was wearing! I had to laugh! (And I agreed with their fashion commentary too!)

Then they went into how much money the guy has and critiqued pretty much everything about him. Aside from their commentary on the other hapless gym-goers, they also talked about reality TV and how all these shows try to make things you don’t really care about interesting… like pawn shops and poker.

The reality is… with crazy characters like these guys dominating my gym, it could easily be the setting for a reality TV show.

Now that I would watch!

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