Glam Slam: Halloween Queen!

It’s the time of the year again, the annual Access Hollywood Live Kids Halloween Fashion show featuring the children of staff members here at the show.

It’s the one time a year that my daughter is on TV and the fam on the East Coast gets to check her out.

This year, we teamed up with the folks at Parenting Magazine, who came up with some clever ideas for DIY costumes. My daughter Harlow got to be the “Queen of Hearts”! So fun!

A hair and makeup team went to work with some red eye makeup and painted a red heart on one of her eyelids. They also gave her little red heart-shaped lips that were very 1920’s Clara Bow, or even Betty Boop!

The crown was an adorable headband from H & M for only $13! The hair stylist then used some pads shaped liked cones secured with bobby pins, to create the two cones on either side of the crown that were then covered with my daughter’s hair. Pretty brilliant!

Next came a maroon dress and tights from H & M. Then the dress was tucked into a gold metallic skirt (also from H & M). Black combat boots finished off the look for a sort of punk rock/goth “Queen of Hearts.”

The final touch? Each child got a canvas Halloween Lands’ End tote ($25) to carry their treats! All 13 kids had fun! And looked awesome in their costumes, which also included an adorable flamingo, a dragon, a gnome, Batgirl, a DIY bird and probably the most popular bird around this year, Big Bird, of course!)

For a photo gallery of all the kids costumes, click HERE!

My daughter liked her makeup so much, she wanted to wear it to school. Hmmmm….somehow the pumpkin costume we got her for Halloween is going to pale in comparison to this.

-- Ryan Patterson

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