Glam Slam: Halloween Style!

Today was an especially fun day at work!

Eighteen Access Hollywood kids (and some of their parents) got to be models for a day in our Halloween fashion show this morning on Access Hollywood Live.

My 2-year-old daughter Harlow was Snow White and loved her sparkly dress and headband, but was especially obsessed with the coordinating light up wand. Any mom of a girl knows the Disney Princesses are massively popular and we had Belle (Hannah Jordan), Pocahontas (Nataly Roa), Rapunzel (Aubrey Castle) and even baby Belle, worn by 1-year-old Abbey.

(Click here for a photo gallery of all the costumes.)

“The Avengers” is huge with boys of all ages. Big kid Scott “Movie” Mantz dressed up like Captain America, while four-year-old Jaden Farhan was the junior version. Thor (Anthony DeFranco), Iron Man (Logan Brock), and The Hulk (Jayden Snyder) all hit our stage too. More on The Hulk later…he was a total scene-stealer.

Who doesn’t love “Sesame Street?” The gang left the popular street to pay a visit to our set. Eric Anderson, the Managing Editor of was Big Bird and his cute 14-month-old Evan was baby Elmo. We also had an older Elmo (3-year-old J’ean) as well as Cookie Monster! (Our director’s three-year-old, Noah.) Cookies!!!!!

There was also a family of Angry Birds, (Thanks Joe, Ashley, and Drake!) which is one of the most popular trends this year. (It’s the most searched topic on Google.)

Thirty-four years later, “Star Wars” is as popular as ever.’s Dish of Salt, Laura Saltman was Princess Leia carrying her 6-month-old son Brenner, dressed as a baby Darth Vader. Our Stage Director’s son, Drake Sahm, made a very dapper Luke Skywalker!

And going for a little old school style, we had an adorable Kitty and Puppy worn by staff cuties Lucas and Milo.

Our Post Night Shift Coordinator Lenny Snyder’s son stole the show! His 15-month-old Jayden, who was dressed as a mini-Hulk, created a hilarious unscripted moment when he burst out into a LOUD wail during the live taping. Billy Bush joked that he was the baby whisperer and got him to stop! Classic!

Thanks to all the families for being involved and a HUGE shout out to our very patient producer Susan Moore, who put together this massive undertaking — great job Susan! Happy Halloween everyone!

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