Glam Slam: Has Social Media Taken Over Shopping?

I was shopping recently and loved how this display used the new collection of Louboutin Nail Laquers to create a funky Mohawk. Naturally, I took a photo of it! Let me just say that no other shoppers were harmed while taking this shot! I say that because I noticed a big change while shopping that day. All anyone was doing was taking photos. Were they actually even shopping?

It got to the point where I was in danger of photobombing others, no matter which way I turned. Taking Pinterest or Instagram-worthy photos has overtaken the actual shopping experience and this was out of control. Women were waiting for me to finish browsing through racks, so that they could take the clothes and re-arrange them to take their pictures.

I asked a sales associate at a high-end Beverly Hills department store about this very noticeable change. She told me that there used to be a no photo policy, but now people just go crazy taking pictures and there’s nothing they can really do about it.

Louboutin Nail Laquers - Access Hollywood

(Louboutin Nail Laquers - Access Hollywood)

She suggested that it could also be personal shoppers at work, because that’s how everything is done. More and more they are sending photos to clients, who can’t make it into the store.

My most social media savvy friend, (who has more than 1.3 million Twitters followers, BTW) suggested otherwise though. “Oh, it’s people doing it for their blogs, their social media.” she told me. She’s a travel and adventure expert and she told me that she’s even considering purchasing a drone…so that her own social media photos will look better. (Of course, she’s taking photos of tropical islands and resort hotels, so that makes more sense for her).

Wow! That’s what it’s coming to! I just hope it doesn’t get to the over-saturated point where something like the simple act of shopping becomes extinct! Let’s not forget the “social” aspect of social media. You can be social with others, but don’t forget about being in the moment and sharing the collective social experience of shopping with others…not just your friends online.

Otherwise, I might have to I will have to duck to make sure I don’t get bonked in the head by a drone the next time I’m in Barneys!

-- Ryan Patterson

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