Glam Slam: Heidi Klum & The Braidy Bunch!

With summer heat and humidity, braids are an ideal way to pull hair off the face and still look cool!

Heidi Klum took the summertime braid trend to an extreme with a full head of cornrow braids. The supermodel showed off her braided look on a recent vacation in the Bahamas.

Khloe Kardashian and Kristen Stewart have also been spotted styling their hair with partial cornrows.
Glam Slam sought out braid expert Kayley Pak, a stylist at Barett’s Braids, which is part of the John Barrett Salon in New York City, who says, “this look can absolutely be tailored to any age.”

Kayley suggests younger gals can get away with a full head of cornrows, but more mature women should stick to subtle cornrow effect by braiding one side only. Confidence is the key to this look!

Most of us mere mortals don’t have the confidence to pull off this look, a la Heidi Klum, but there’s still plenty of braiding options.
Kayley shared with Glam Slam three of her favorite braided looks that are all easy to do yourself.

Part into sections, gather and separate into two equal sections. Isolate a thin section of hair from right side and cross over the left side. Repeat the same from the left side to the right. Tighten the crossovers by pulling the two sections outward. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you finish your fishtail. Secure ends with an elastic band. Apply hairspray to tame fly-aways.

Part hair into two equal sections from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck. Braid right side by completing a regular three strand braid. Tie end with elastic band. Repeat this on the left side. Bring right side’s braid up to the top of the crown. Secure to the crown with bobby pins. Repeat same for left braid and connect the ends to the right braid at the top of the crown. Bobby pin to secure. Apply hairspray and ashine product to tame fly-aways and provide beautiful sheen.

Part hair at forehead, center or side (you choose!) Braid right side as you would a regular French braid. - When you reach the temple, start dropping a small strand from the bottom part of the braid. Continue to braid towards the back of your head. As you continue to braid, drop a strand every time you cross over the braid. When you get to the back of head, crisscross one braid to the other and pin with a bobby pin. Tie ends with an elastic band. Use a styling clay to for extra help with gripping hair.

-- Terri MacLeod

(Glam Slam’s Ryan Patterson is on maternity leave. Terri MacLeod is filling in.)

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