Glam Slam: Heidi’s Extreme Makeover

Rarely has our show had so many people respond to one story… Heidi Montag and her controversial decision to undergo 10 plastic surgery procedures in seven hours. An overwhelming majority of the responses were negative… clearly this is a story that got people talking. Like many people, I too wondered why someone so young would take such drastic measures.

If Heidi was so unhappy with her looks, she could have made changes but without going under the knife according to Dr. Bruce Katz, Board Certified Dermatologist and Director of the Juva Skin & Laser Center in NYC. Dr. Katz says many less invasive procedures are good alternatives to surgery.

“Instead of liposuction on the waist and thighs, Heidi could have had SmartLipo done which is minimally invasive and much safer. It is done under local anesthesia and has a much faster healing time with less bruising and swelling. Additionally, SmartLipo improves the appearance of cellulite which liposuction does not. Someone Heidi’s age doesn’t want to be left with scars, which is why SmartLipo would have been a much better choice for her.”

“Instead of neck liposuction, Heidi could have had the SmartTight necklift. Like SmartLipo, this procedure is also minimally invasive and the patient is left with little bruising and swelling. Another advantage is the SmartTight necklift tightens loose skin, where as liposuction on the neck does not.”

“Instead of a mini brow lift, Heidi could have had “The Madonna Lift” a new fractional laser eyelift that I pioneered, which elevates the eyebrows and also removes lines and wrinkles around the eye area. This procedure is super quick (takes two minutes) with minimal downtime (about a day) and no side effects except for a little redness around the eyes directly after which can be covered with concealer. Surgical brow and eye lifts result in an abrupt, immediate change in appearance that just doesn’t look natural like Heidi’s. The fractional eyelift is a smooth, gradual change which is much less obvious.”

“Instead of a chin reduction to get rid of her “Jay Leno chin” as she calls it – Heidi could have opted for Radiesse injections into the chin rather than surgery. This filler can really help round out the chin and eliminate that pointy look she was embarrassed of.”

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