Glam Slam: Hey Fellas! Do This, Not That!

Jennifer Aniston’s new guy Justin Theroux just ditched his scraggly mountain man beard for a smooth, clean look — what a transformation!

If your guy is looking a little hairy these days, celebrity hairstylist and grooming expert Mitch Stone weighs in on what to do (and what not to do!) for hassle-free hair removal.

Do This! Jake Gyllenhaal
Not That! Zach Galifianakis

Mitch says, “If you’re going to keep a beard, don’t let it grow out like the Wolfman. Beards are having a moment right now but the best looking facial fuzz is always well kempt. To achieve Jake’s look, try the King of Shaves Azor by Remington - the unique flexible handle gets close to the skin and provides precision allowing you to shape your beard exactly the way you want. When trimming beards, always make sure you blend without a hard line around the chin so you don’t look like you have a melon on your shoulders! If you cannot go with the bottom being a tad unshaven, make sure you bring the line of the beard far enough down the chin to give the face a strong look.”

MITCH’S PICK: King of Shaves by Remington Azor Razor, $8.99 at

Do This! David Beckham
Not That! Ed Westwick

Mitch says, “Your chest hair should be maintained just like your facial hair. The Remington Back & Body Groomer has a 9-position grooming comb to handle all lengths of hair, so whether you like the clean smooth look, like David, or just a little bit trimmed, there’s an option for you. Also, make sure you use the guards! Start with the longest one, and then slowly work your way down to achieve the exact length you desire. I like to leave a bit of length so that it looks clean yet still masculine, but if you want all smooth make sure to trim down first.”

MITCH’S PICK: Remington Extendable Back and Body Groomer, $39.99 at

Do This! Gerard Butler
Not That! Pete Sampras

Mitch says, “The eyebrows shape the eyes and add character to a man’s face; you don’t want them too thick and bushy (like Pete) OR too groomed - Gerard is the perfect happy medium of the two, manly but not metro. Parissa pre-applied wax strips are fool-proof and provide the perfect amount of coverage. Pull the wax strips downward, the faster you remove the strip the better the results. You don’t want to have wily strays poking out ahead of you! Make sure to get a few hairs under the arch of the eye – just a few can really open it up without looking like you have done anything at all.”

MITCH’S PICK: Parissa Men’s Brow Groomer Wax Strips, $8.99 at

Mitch adds, “Most importantly on all of the above, go VERY slowly and it should be easy! You will look less like a caveman and your woman will love it.”

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