Glam Slam: How To Get Healthy Hair!

Healthy hair is often on my mind thanks to all the damage I’ve done to my tresses over the years. How is it that celebs like Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson always seem to have shiny, luxurious locks? Kaz Amor, Celebrity Hairstylist at Warren Tricomi Salon in Los Angeles, shares tips for getting and maintaining healthy hair!

“Think about hair like you think about your skin.” Kaz says that just like you have a skin care regiment you should have a hair care regiment too. Scalp massages are a great way to stimulate growth. Kaz suggests investing in a scalp massage brush. “By brushing the scalp, you are driving blood to the hair follicles so it really helps hair look healthier and shinier.”

Just like your skin needs moisturizer, so does your hair.

Use a “light moisturizer that doesn’t weigh your hair down. Clear Moisture from Redken is a really great light conditioner. Use it every time you wash your hair.” If you blow dry or flatiron your hair a lot, Kaz recommends using a thermal heat protector.

Since we are now into warmer weather, it’s important to protect hair from the sun. “Start looking into leave-in UV products.” When going on a bike ride or hike in the sun, Kaz suggests actually leaving in a mask, like Redken’s After-Sun Mask. “Work it through the hair and then put your hair in a bun. It will condition and protect hair.”

As for getting super shiny hair like Katie Holmes’, Kaz suggests a cocktail! No, no that kind! “Mix a light styling gel with a drop of serum and then run it through the hair. The serum makes the hair shiny and moist and prevents gel from making it too stiff and dry.” And for Jennifer Aniston’s bouncy, beachy look use a spray foam mousse just in the root area, within an inch from the scalp. You will have volume but the hair won’t be weighed down.

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