Glam Slam: Humidity Fighting Hair Solutions 

Look how good Kendall, Kim and Kylie’s hair looks – despite the unusual humidity we’ve been having in Los Angeles. I know it’s bad when I walk down the hall at work and hear people talking about how frizzy their hair is!

Hair Stylist Jennifer Loura, of LA’s Benjamin with Negin Zand Salon (salon clients include Molly Shannon, Cat Deeley and Maggie Grace) agrees that “the effects of humidity can be highly frustrating, depending on how you look at your options.” In today’s Glam Slam, she offers some tips to help you handle the effects of muggy weather.

1. Humidity can cause the hair (mainly dry, curly textures) to reach for moisture, creating frizz and flyaways. Any shampoo/conditioner/styling product with a hydrating factor is key for the summer heat!

2. Keep frizz at bay by thoroughly moisturizing your hair to combat its thirst for moisture. Apply a hair cream from root to end and a serum on the ends.

3. Make a blow dry last through a hazy afternoon by using a product with an anti-humectant ingredient formulated into it. This will help "block out" moisture, allowing the hair to repel the quench.

4. Girls with curly or straight hair texture should always rinse conditioner off with cooler water. This helps to seal the cuticle down before you apply your anti-humectant and SPF hair product. Any product with SPF in it is great!

5. If you're heading to the beach take along some coconut oil and a wide toothed comb for your strands. The natural healing process of coconut oil soothes salty stresses from the ocean water. Try it!

6. Hair needs a rest from all the fun in the sun, try a hydrating mask, which helps to prevent any damage in the weeks to come.

7. Heading out and don't have time to throw a product in? Wear a head scarf or put your hair in a high top knot. It's all the rage and looks super cute and summery!

-- Ryan Patterson

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