Glam Slam: I Heart Halle Berry’s Helmut Lang Look!

I got a press release the other day identifying the outfit Halle Berry was wearing in Brazil as Helmut Lang. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Helmut Lang and Halle’s edgy pregnancy style is right up my alley. Although my belly’s gotten so big, I can’t rock leather pants anymore and I’m quite past the stage of wearing a sheer top like the one she’s got on, but the jacket, however, is divine… THAT I could still fit into!

So….what did I do, you ask? I immediately Googled the style of the jacket to find out places that sell it. And just my luck, found out that Neiman Marcus carries it and they were having a triple-points event this past weekend, as well as sending out a gift card for $50 off.

Not that I needed a whole lot of extra incentive, right?

Well, I AM trying to stick to a budget. I was kind of hoping I would get to the store and not like the jacket or that they would not have my size. No such luck. There was one jacket left…in my size…which never happens! I tried on the jacket and, well, I liked it, a lot. I wasn’t sure if it looked silly on me though because the bump is pretty big these days. I asked for advice from one of the associates, whom I’ve worked with for more than 15 years and trusted her enough to tell me the truth.

She didn’t think it looked silly at all. She knows my style and loved it on me. And says I can even wear it into the fall…long after my pregnancy. See? It’s a practical purchase too!

Guess I exhausted every excuse in the book… so, yes, I ended up buying the jacket.

Is it pathetic that I saw a photo of a celeb in an outfit and the same exact day I ran out and bought the same thing? Maybe, but I guess it does show the power of celebrity persuasion…even for someone jaded like myself. No wonder stars are paid big bucks to become the face of designer brands; or like Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson, design their own collections… it works!

-- Ryan Patterson

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