Glam Slam: I (Still) Heart Duran Duran

“I need a Duran Duran sandwich,” I joked as I posed in between Simon Le Bon and John Taylor for a photo when they stopped by the set of Access Hollywood Live.

“Oh, we haven’t heard THAT one before,” they laughed.

Oh boy, did meeting these two take me back in the day. “Hungry Like The Wolf,” “Rio,” “Girls on Film,” “The Reflex,” “Save a Prayer”… I LOVED Duran Duran.

If I could have told my teenaged self that I would someday meet the guys that were hanging on my bedroom walls I would have been BESIDE myself. My friends and I were SO into “Duran Squared”, as we called them.

We weren’t alone.

Princess Diana named them her favorite band and what wasn’t to like? Their music was upbeat, fun, infectious pop. Their videos rocked. We loved their style. And their hair? Don’t get me started. People magazine called them “the prettiest boys in rock” and without a doubt they were.

So I was wondering what they would look like in person now? They were here to talk about their new CD “All You Need Is Now” and actually, I have to say they looked good! My co-worker said that John Taylor “still looks yummy.” And Simon looked quite distinguished and dapper rocking a scarf and funky sneakers.

I am pretty jaded when it comes to seeing and meeting celebrities- after all, we have them here every day on our set for Access Hollywood Live. So I was a little surprised at how giddy I was to meet them, especially Simon.

As I was talking to him, he pointed to my scarf and said Alexander McQueen as he touched it (pictured, right). I love a guy who appreciates fashion!

I told him about how in high school I would doodle “Mrs.. Ryan Le Bon.” I told him about seeing him in concert and my friend Dana Whittle was shown on the jumbo screen when they cut to fans for “Girls on Film” and how I had front row seats. Someone on set jokingly asked if I flashed him during the concert and Simon joked… “Well, that is always noticed.”

I was surprised at how flirty he was and how charming. I mean, how many hundreds of women have come up to him and told him they had teenage crushes on him? He genuinely seems to love the action and attention. Even all these years later.

So, for all my hometown girls and fellow Duran Duran fans… Amy, Gretchen, Kim W., Kim C., Lisa, Katie, Lori, Rhett, Karen C. and Dana… today’s Glam Slam is for you!

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