Glam Slam: ‘I’d Love A Bigger Butt’

“I’d love a bigger butt… I’d love to be more voluptuous. It’s just not my body type.”

That is what Cameron Diaz told Marie Claire Magazine and maybe now she regrets it a little.

“I made some silly quote about my bum and that’s the only thing you’ve heard about the entire article,” she told us this weekend, laughing, but obviously frustrated.

Well, duh! It might not be the most PC thing to admit, but I bet a lot of people would rather hear Cameron dish about her body than about environmental issues. So, I’m not sure why she is surprised that quote got so much play in the press.

But that’s not what really stuck out to me. The bigger issue to me is that someone like Cameron Diaz, who seems to have it all, isn’t 100% satisfied with her body.

I mean, here is someone who is tall and fit and blonde and gorgeous and rich and famous. I saw her at the Stella McCartney event in Los Angeles over the weekend and she looked amazing. She was sitting right by us, so I had plenty of time to check her out up close! This is someone who looks good in person - not just on the airbrushed pages of glossy magazines.

She has access to designer clothes, a stylist, celebrity trainer, makeup artist, hairstylist and nutritionist… and yet even all that doesn’t change the bottom line… the girl wants a bigger butt.

You know what they say, “the grass is always greener…” even for a star like Cameron Diaz.

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