Glam Slam: It’s Official… I’m A Soccer Mom

What? How did this happen? How did I become part of the so called “soccer mom” label? Say it ain’t so!

My 3-year-old just started soccer lessons and poof! like that, I became part of the club. If I’m gonna be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about that! No disrespect meant, but being called a “soccer mom” isn’t always meant as a flattering remark conjuring up images of minivan driving moms in tracksuits.

I totally get the whole idea of throwing on something comfortable because it’s very, very early on weekend mornings.

I dress comfortably too, but I’m not ready to throw in the towel on being fashionable just yet. No “mom jeans” for me! True, it’s a soccer field, not a fashion runway, but I still want to be put together and somewhat stylish…which has meant jeans with boots or flats, paired with soft tees or sweaters and comfy jackets. In other words, I’m no Victoria Beckham, probably the most famous and stylish soccer wife and mom around!

Mostly, the other soccer moms dress like many moms I know…they wear cardigans, jeans and ballet flats. Our mom-iform maybe? Hey, it’s practical AND pretty! That’s my definition of a “soccer mom”…a stylish soccer mom!

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