Glam Slam: Kate’s Extreme Makeover

Finally! That awful, asymmetrical hairstyle is gone. You know… the one that ‘SNL’ made fun of and that even became a popular Halloween costume. Kate Gosselin’s got a brand new, sexier look and she shows it off on the cover of People Magazine. Her frosted, spiked style has been replaced by hair extensions and a new lighter, blonder color. Kate hair haters everywhere can rejoice!

Celebrity Stylist Ted Gibson, who has also worked with Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway, is the man we can thank for Kate’s much-improved look.

“We talked about what we thought would be great,” Ted told us. “And we knew that extensions were a must. We knew that we needed to change the color. She’s calling herself ‘Kate, The New-Slate,’ you know, it’s a new slate, it’s a new image for her, she’s divorced, I mean all of these great things are happening for her.”

Kate looks gorgeous, yes. But did she go too “Hollywood?” I mean, when everyone in our office saw the cover, no one recognized her. We even took the magazine to the streets of NY searching for someone, anyone, who could recognized her and not one person (not one!) did.

If she’s looking to go incognito, then she succeeded. Ditch the spiky hair, absolutely, but I’m not sure she needed to change her look quite so drastically. As much as I hated her hair before (as anyone who reads this column knows), what I always liked about Kate is that she’s “real”… a real mom, a real woman. She’s pretty, but she’s not perfect.

But now it looks like she’s been airbrushed to perfection. And where is the reality in that?

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