Glam Slam: Madonna & Lola’s Big Night

“I’m very proud, yep,” Madonna beamed last night, as she and 13-year-old daughter Lourdes hit the bright pink carpet at Macy’s in New York to celebrate the launch of their new line Material Girl.

Lourdes seemed a little caught off guard by all the hoopla.

“I never thought it would be like this far, definitely,” she said, “I never thought it would be like, I’d be walking on a pink carpet.” “No, we didn’t think about a pink carpet,” Madonna chimed in. “We didn’t factor that in.”

Inside the event, Madonna called Lourdes on-stage, where she gushed about her. “I would like to thank my incredible daughter Lola, who has been so inspiring and so great to watch her focus, her determination and I’ve achieved many things in my life but I have to say that watching my daughter make her dreams come true and achieve her goals is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done.”

Awwww, so sweet. Lourdes was very hands on when it came to creating the affordable line and she has plenty of inspiration- her mom! Like most daughters, she raids mom’s closet!

Lourdes: “Yes. What’s my favorite? Um…”
Madonna: “Um everything? All my shoes, all my jewelry.”
Lourdes: “I have to like stuff my feet into them.”

If my mom had Madonna’s massive designer shoe collection, I would suffer through wearing too tight shoes too! We asked Madonna, (wearing McQ by Alexander McQueen BTW) if they argue about what Lourdes wears out.

Lourdes: “Absolutely.”
Madonna: “Hello? Yes, we try to plan ahead of time so we don’t have arguments in the morning, yes but she always does a switcheroo on me.”

Another mother-daughter disagreement is over Lourdes coloring her hair when she turns 14 in October.

Lourdes: “It’s definitely still the goal, like she doesn’t really want to but…”
Access Hollywood: “Why don’t you want her to?”
Madonna: “Because once you start dying your hair, that’s it. You just keep dying it.”
Access Hollywood: “Are you going to go blonde?”
Lourdes: “Oh no, I don’t think I’m going to go blonde, I think like a darker color or like a really dark, dark red I think maybe? I don’t know.”

I love that even this world famous posh pair have typical disputes. Despite it being their big night, Madonna and Lourdes took the time to accessorize our producer’s 12-year-old daughter, showing her first hand their personal spin on Material Girl style.

Before leaving, we asked Madonna if her younger daughter Mercy has asked for her own line yet. “No, but she is very particular about her clothes.”

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