Glam Slam: Makeup Mondays - Crazy For Cosmetics!

We all know Suri Cruise loves stylish clothes and she seems to know her way around the makeup department too! My daughter also seems to be developing a fascination with makeup. She likes to go through my makeup drawer, play with my makeup and she’s asked me to paint her nails.

Did I mention that she’s two?

Let me get a couple of things straight. I am no “Toddlers & Tiaras” stage mom plying my kid with spray tans and heavy makeup. And while I love beauty products, I’m also not a Kim Kardashian-type wearing a lot of makeup, nor do I spend hours in front of a mirror or in front of my daughter applying it. So I’m not sure where she gets this interest, this fascination. And how did it happen at such an early age?

She doesn’t watch any TV, so she hasn’t picked it up there and she’s an only child, so she didn’t get it from an older sister or relative. I have noticed that a couple of the girls in her music class wear nail polish, which kind of surprised me. I guess I’m pretty naive, because to me this seems pretty young. Some of these girls aren’t even two yet.

My daughter loves to dig into one of my eyeshadow palettes and uses her fingers to put on her face. Or mine. She’ll ask… you want gold? You want brown? And then she proceeds to put it all over my face. Pretty much anywhere but my eyes. Hopefully she just thinks of makeup as another form of art… like finger painting or Play-Doh.

I guess it’s natural for curious kids to want to investigate everything their parents do and makeup is no exception. Which is probably music to the ears of the cosmetics companies… beauty is a 140 billion dollar a year industry.

I don’t have a problem with makeup itself, which is harmless and fun. I just don’t feel the need for her to grow up too fast and there’s plenty of pressure to do that these days. I am gonna hold out as long as I can when it comes to makeup for her. It may be a losing battle, but I’m gonna put in a good fight.

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