Glam Slam: Makeup Mondays — Fake A Winter Glow!

Halle Berry wowed at the Carousel of Hope Ball this weekend. She was positively radiant and while part of that was probably due to the fact that she made her Hollywood red carpet debut with red hot beau, Olivier Martinez, you can also credit her amazing skin.

You can achieve her year-round luminescence yourself. InStyle beauty director, Amy Synnott-D’Annibale, shares five ways to fake a Winter glow.

…Or fake the same effect by dabbing rose-tinted blush onto skin that’s been lightly primed with moisturizer. Another ultra-natural option: Clarins Instant Blush Magic Colour ($26). The translucent pink gel morphs into the perfect shade for your unique skin tone.

Are you sunrise or sunset? The colors you see as the sun goes down (tangerine, terra-cotta, warm reds) flatter women with golden skin tones, say Leatrice Eiseman, author of “More Alive with Color.” If your skin is fairer, look to the cooler shades (hot pink, blue) found in sunrises instead. Not sure where you stand? Check under your wrist. Green veins indicate sunset coloring; blue, sunrise. For those with a mix of both, Eiseman suggests muted versions of sunset and sunrise colors. Think melon, not orange, and sky blue instead of cobalt.

To catch the light, dab illuminating lotion on the upper corners of cheekbones, brow bones, and the inner corners of eyes. Go gold if you have warm undertones, icy if you’re fair. Not sure? Nars Orgasm Illuminator looks gorgeous on almost everyone.

Going from cold, windy air outside to dry heat inside sucks the moisture out of your skin, says N.Y.C. facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Jennifer Levine, who suggests switching to a heavier moisturizer in the winter (try Olay Definity Night Restorative Sleep Cream, $23.69 at Target). If you’re acne prone, look for an oil-free formula loaded with water-binding hyaluronic acid.

Ever wonder why a child’s skin looks lit from within- even in the depths of winter? “It’s because children don’t have a thick layer of dead skin cells sitting on the surface,” says N.Y.C. dermatologist, Arielle Kauvar, who recommends sweeping away flakes several times a week with a gentle rotating brush.

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