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“Eyes play a big part of your look. The big trend right now: women want fullness and length on the ends to give them a full cat eye effect.”

That is “The Eyelash Guru To The Stars” Ja’Maal Buster, who has indeed worked with plenty of stars, including Rihanna, Fergie and Beyonce. Everybody wants to rock long, lush lashes and I asked Ja’Maal about using lash growth products like Latisse and RevitaLash. He told me some of his clients use them and they work fine, but the clients STILL call him up to add even more oomph!

“Nothing is going to replace the look of a false lash, you’re not going to suddenly walk around looking like Bambi,” he says.

Ja’Maal makes me laugh. He is very personable and I instantly liked him and can see why so many stars do too. A self-described “perfectionist”, Ja’Maal has been doing eyelashes for 7 years and has created his own line of lashes. He just sent lashes to Beyonce in Russia where she is on tour…and the “Disturbia” lashes in his line were inspired by the ones he did for Rhianna’s music video.

He shares his tips for creating your own lash-tastic look.

When picking out a false lash, choose one that goes with your lifestyle. Match the lash to the occasion- think of it as a wardrobe of lashes. Ja’Maal’s line includes several different lash styles. (Beyonce mixes the very dramatic “Diva” lashes with more natural looking “2nd Date Guaranteed lashes” for her on-stage look.)

Once you pick your lash, it’s all about the application. Ja’Maal says ANY woman can put on lashes with the Lash Placement Tool he created.

Clamp the tool onto the lash. Apply the adhesive along the band of the lash. Give it a few seconds for the adhesive to dry, to get a little tacky. Apply the lash to your lash line. Release the clip and let the lash sit for a second while you do the other eye.

Next apply mascara. Go underneath the lashes and apply to both the real and false lashes and blend them together. Use your fingers to press them together while still damp to help blend even more.

Voila- gorgeous cat eyes!

If you have lash questions you would like to ask Ja’Maal directly you can e-mail him at:

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