Glam Slam: Makeup Mondays - Meltproof Your Makeup!

Happy Memorial Day! The heat is on! But don’t let summer’s warm temperatures overheat your makeup routine. Celebrity makeup artist Kimara Ahnert, who has worked with gorgeous ladies Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Brooke Shields and Christie Brinkley, shares her tips for making sure your makeup doesn’t melt no matter where you are…whether it’s a poolside cocktail party or on a red carpet!

1. If you are determined to get full coverage out of your summer makeup, look for oil-free foundations and concealers. Oil-free products are noncomedogenic so they won’t clog pores and are safe for sensitive skin. Use a dampened sponge for easier application. Follow the foundation with a dusting of setting powder like Cover FX Translucent Setting Powder for extra staying power. I used this technique on Catherine Zeta Jones.

2. Waterproof mascara, an old stand by, has an added polymer that makes the formula stick to your lashes and resistant to water. Another option is lash tinting, done only by a professional, which mimics the look of mascara but won’t fade for at least four weeks. To avoid mascara smudges on your eyelids, apply a dusting of pressed powder on your brow bone. I love Christian Dior’s Diorshow Black Out Waterproof Mascara.

3. To avoid creased lids or eyeshadow slippage, apply a face or eye primer before shadow. I always use an eye primer on Brooke Shields. Avoid creamy foundations or concealers on your lids as this will just speed up the creasing and slippage. Also instead of a wax brow pencil, which is prone to slip, try to use a waterproof brow pen. I created the Kimara Ahnert Brow Definers to combat the slippage. Brow pens are water and sweat resistant and deposit a subtle color, which makes it easy to build the intensity.

4. For your lips use a two step lipstick and a lip liner. The lip liner, which will help the lipstick stay on the lips, should be the same color as your lipstick and should be applied to the outside edge of the lips before applying lipstick. Finish with the color and seal with the accompanying top coat. Loved by Amanda Peet, I recommend Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lipcolor.

5. For your cheeks skip powder formulas in the summer and use a cream or gel based blush instead. Gwyneth Paltrow loves cream blushes and uses them religiously in the summer months. I have told her that the trick to gel blush is to act fast. Once you’ve applied the gel to the cheeks blend with either a damp makeup sponge or damp cotton ball in an upward motion. This will give you an even layer and stain free hands. I like Paul & Joe’s Creamy Cheek Powder.

6. Waterproof makeup requires special removers, which usually contain equal parts oil to water, to get all the traces of the makeup off the skin. However, these products can be very drying as they strip the natural oils from the skin and over time this can lead to premature aging. Look for a waterproof makeup remover that has an added moisturizer or apply a separate moisturizer after washing your face. Almay Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Pads are really great and do the job well.

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