Glam Slam: Makeup Mondays – The 2013 Brow!

“Big, bold, full and dark brows that accentuate the shape of your face,” are the big trend in brows right now, according to celebrity eyebrow expert Tonya Crooks, who has worked her magic on Megan Fox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Fergie and Eva Mendes.

“Lily Collins and Sofia Vergara are really emphasizing this 2013 brow. They’re big, bold, and dark, filled in correctly to accentuate their face. Eyebrows are an accessory in their own right, bringing youth back to the face and defining your look.”

“We have seen the full and natural brow before, but now it’s even thicker with a strong definition, says Tonya, who is also the creator/founder of “The BrowGal” eyebrow grooming products. “Even blondes are going for the darker look to show off their beautiful brows which, when done correctly, have become the hottest trend.

Megan Fox is Tanya’s most requested look and here is how you can achieve her signature brows.


“For those who are sensitive to pain when tweezing, just a tiny dab of Orajel can help numb pain around the brow area.”


1. “Brush your brows up to determine what their natural shape is.

2. Fill in the shape with your color of The BrowGal eyebrow pencil using short strokes to emulate the look of hair.

3. Brush through the brows again to blend the color.

4. Trim the natural shape with scissors.

5. Remove unwanted hairs with tweezers.

6. Take one last brush through the brow using a spoolie brush.

7. Apply the highlighter pencil to accentuate your arch.

8. Apply clear, water resistant gel to set the shape. Cover Girl’s clear mascara is a good substitute to finish brows with when you don’t have brow gel.”

-- Ryan Patterson

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