Glam Slam: Makeup Mondays — Transition Into Fall

Happy Labor Day!

This time of year is always tricky makeup-wise. Summer is pretty much over, but a full face of Fall’s darker makeup shades don’t feel quite right. How do you successfully bridge the gap like Kate Moss, who looks equally gorgeous Summer bronzed and then porcelain pale in cooler months? Make a gradual transition suggests Kimberly A. Daly, Beauty Writer-Editor at Glamour Magazine.

1. Phase out the bronzer. Too much glow looks fake - people know you didn’t pick it up from a weekend at the shore this time of year. Tone it down by mixing in a rosy blush; use a little more blush than bronzer each day until you’re just using blush.

2. Put away the powder. You won’t have to worry about Summer shine when temperatures drop and the air gets dry. Plus, too much powder looks cakey in the Fall.

3. Go from gloss to lipstick. Fall is all about getting back to business and nothing says that more than a bold lip.

4. Consider tinted moisturizer instead of a matte foundation. Your dry-ish skin with thank you for the extra hydration.

5. Change up your polish. Neons looked great next to sandals, and this Fall grayed out blues and purples look fantastic with sweaters.

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