Glam Slam: Makeup Mondays — Ultimate Beauty Secrets

Lucy Liu raves about Aquaphor. Mary J. Blige comes clean about the secret to her beautiful skin. Angie Harmon reveals a little too much, about nipple cream, of all things!

These “red carpet secrets” are just a few of the 200 plus beauty tips in the new book, “InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets.”

The easy-to-read guide from the editors of “InStyle” magazine, features makeup, skin, fragrance and body tips to help you look your best every single day.

Here are five tips to get you started:

Keep skin hydrated on cold nights with a make-it-yourself humidifier. Meriden, CT, dermatologist, Nicholas V. Perricone, suggests hanging a wet towel from the doorknob overnight (wring out the edges to prevent drips). By morning, the towel will be dry but your skin won’t.

Reduce a pimple’s redness by spritzing a small amount of nasal decongestant on the blemish, says Mount Kisco, N.Y., dermatologist David E. Bank. The spray, designed to lessen inflammation, will do the same for a pimple.

Dark Circles
- Consider taking a low-dose antihistamine (check with your doctor first). “Allergens are a major trigger for undereye shadows,” says dermatologist Tina Alster. “As we age we become more reactive to them.”

- Place a cold compress or cold cucumber slices on eyes for five to ten minutes, then pat on an eye cream or gel that’s been stored in the fridge.

Tired Eyes
- Use your pinkie or a liner brush to dab a light cream shadow at the inner corner of each eye, then line inner rims with a nude pencil.

- Apply black mascara, then tip the ends of your lashes with plum or navy mascara to make the whites of the eyes look brighter. Or just smudge a bit of deep navy eyeliner on the inner rims of the upper lids.

Lips extra dry? Combine 1 teaspoon honey with 1 teaspoon sugar to exfoliate them, says makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle, who helped polish looks for Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Connelly. He blends the two ingredients in his hand, then applies the mixture in a circular motion for 90 seconds before wiping it off.

Know which nail colors complement your complexion. Fair skin looks pretty against polish that has blue undertones, like cool berry reds and bluish pinks. Olive tones are flattered by deep browns, warm pinks, corals with yellow undertones, and white-pink sheers. Dark complexions look great with warm browns, creamy beiges, vivid pinks, and deep purples.

InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets is available in bookstores nationwide and at

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