Glam Slam: Man-datory Reading

Attention fellas!!!! It’s true — the bulk of Glam Slams are all about the ladies, but Father’s Day is this Sunday, so it’s the perfect time to give a shout out to all the guys who want to look good too!

“Women aren’t the only ones who want to take care of themselves and use innovative products that yield visible results,” says Brian Robinson, president of ZIRH, an upscale line of men’s skincare products whose fans include Leonardo DiCaprio, LL Cool J and Nick Lachey. “The modern man wants to look and feel good about himself and maintaining a regular skincare and grooming regimen is part of it.”

Here Brian shares a few tips for getting the perfect shave:

1. Always begin with clean skin. Before you begin shaving it’s important to use a good cleanser to wipe away dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells. Supplementing your regular cleanser with a gentle scrub like ZIRH Scrub ($20) every few days is a great way to clean and exfoliate the skin to reveal a younger and healthier looking complexion.

2. Shaving before or after a shower is the best way to get a close, clean shave. Hot water helps to open the pores, relax the facial muscles and softens the hair.

3. Try a shave gel instead of a shave cream — the ZIRH Shave Gel ($15) is a great one to try! A glycerin-based shave gel is the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to getting a close, smooth shave. This type of formula helps the razor to glide more easily over the skin, helps to reduce razor burn and makes it easier to follow lines and sculpt facial hair.

4. Real men use moisturizer! Moisturizer is an important final step in your shaving regimen. It helps to soothe skin and avoid irritation, delivers skin-healing nutrients and helps to restore the skin’s moisture level leaving it hydrated and comfortable.

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--Ryan Patterson

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