Glam Slam: Mane Man Brad Pitt — The Long & Short Of It

Brad Pitt is fearless when it comes to trying out all kinds of fashion (pink suit in Cannes, anyone?).

The 50-year-old has also gone through many hair transformations over the years, but after a guy friend of mine ripped Brad’s current long hair look, I wondered what the ladies thought of it. So, I took an informal poll and let me tell you, people are as divided as Brad’s center part.

“He is my all-time FAVORITE,” one woman confesses. “And I think he looks like a hobo. I like it long, but about 8 inches shorter and more polished looking, sexy and ratty, like he doesn’t care — this look actually looks like he had a Brazilian blow out or something. Creepy looking. Not age appropriate.”

“I like that Brad experiments with his hair,” says a co-worker. “In much the same way that [Johnny] Depp dresses like a hobo…Brad is trying to diminish his good looks. I prefer his hair short…a la “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” (but) I’m fine with the long hair, he just needs to wash it! But maybe he’s too busy chasing after all the kids!!”

“I think it’s too long and makes him look like a woman,” says another. “It always looks limp and greasy now. Looks a little better in the ponytail I think, however, I have always thought he looked way more attractive whenever he had short haircuts.”

As for me, I do love me some Brad Pitt — always have — so I’m a little biased. While this is not my all-time favorite look, I do like it in sort of a naughty, bad-boy kinda way.

If liking Brad is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. He can do no wrong in my style book.

-- Ryan Patterson

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