Glam Slam: Molly Ringwald Still Rocks

I found myself in a surreal situation the other day… I shared an elevator with Molly Ringwald as we went up to our offices after she taped our morning show Access Hollywood Live.

I must be in flashback heaven! Duran Duran was recently in our studio and now the queen of ‘80s movies herself - Molly Ringwald! I have seen “Sixteen Candles” probably 300 times… I know every word, every line and every song in that movie. “The Breakfast Club” and “Pretty in Pink” were up there too in my book.

Molly looks great in person and it’s hard to believe she’s 43 and a mom of three kids. Because Molly was and still is so associated with playing a teenager, she said it was a little tough for her to turn the big 4-0.

As we showed clips and photos of her classic movies, I was reminded of just how much of a style inspiration Molly was. Loved her off the shoulder sweatshirts in “Sixteen Candles” and the flowy pale pink dress she wears to the dance was the bomb. Her riding boots in “The Breakfast Club” were to die for and my friends were obsessed with her re-worked vintage prom dress in “Pretty In Pink.” She made recycling cool way before anyone else.

Molly was a style trendsetter, but it all seems kind of quaint compared to how things work nowadays. Today’s young stars are slick and buffed and waxed and styled and polished to perfection. They have Glam Squads. They get boob jobs and hair extensions and veneers. They have stylists and personal trainers and chefs. They wear expensive designer clothes.

Even with the fame that came with those classic movies, Molly maintained her own identity, her “real” girl essence. She was cute and stayed true to her natural beauty, freckles and all.

Molly was first and foremost a typical teen… who didn’t become too “Hollywood.” She credits her family with keeping her on the straight and narrow.

She was relatable and compared to today; her style was actually attainable for most teens. She definitely made her mark on the decade in both fashion and film and I think that’s why, almost 30 years later, well past our own “sixteen candles” we’re still talking about those movies and our beloved Molly Ringwald.

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